Every great experience starts with a great story

Forget long documents

Build a story with Scenes

A new approach to storytelling

Just concentrate on your message!

Scenes makes it possible to explore and iterate ideas very quickly on a visual and tactile level without having refined drawing skills.

Try out your ideas without effort.

Because the illustrations can easily be moved around, the effort to make changes is minimal resulting in more experimentation and participation

Build a story with your colleagues!

The physical version of “Scenes” has been designed with collaboration in mind, allowing every team member to simultaneously contribute to the creation of the story.

Use Scenes to

Humanize your research insights

Create a storyboard to show your project team how users experience their world. The project team will experience it too!

Capture current scenarios

Map the user journey of your existing solution as a story. This will help you to identify problems and understand their impact.

Validate new ideas

Do you have a great idea for a future solution? Create a storyboard about how it will work to get early feedback.

Get Scenes!

New add-ons

Scenes for virtual workshops in MURAL

Friends of Scenes

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