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The SAP AppHaus Network is a community of SAP AppHaus locations and likeminded SAP partners. Together we are united in our conviction that innovation needs three key ingredients to flourish:
1. Process: A Human-Centered Approach to Innovation
Key to success is the application of a holistic, structured approach that constantly focuses on empathy for all stakeholders – SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation.
2. People: A Multi-Disciplinary Team
To tackle new, complex problems, it is essential to bring together a team with different expertise and perspectives. Designers and Design Thinkers, User Researchers, Enterprise Architects and Developers as well as Business- and Industry Experts from customers, partners and SAP.
3. Place: A Creative Environment
Creativity needs space to unfold, to be inspired and to discover new possibilities. Space that promotes exchange and offers security to open up or even to be able to fail. Be it physical or remote.

Based on these cornerstones, we leverage the full potential of SAP technologies, especially SAP Business Technology Platform – the platform for the Intelligent Enterprise. The combination of the three core ingredients with SAP technology creates real added value for our customers and users.

Following these principles, we developed our offering packages together with all SAP AppHaus Network members.

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Partner Locations

Customers benefit from our shared experiences, best practices, and values. By spanning across all regions, we bring innovation to SAP customers globally.

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Our Mission

1. Make Innovation Real​
Ideas are worthless without execution. With our approach we will ensure that business requirements are exceeded, solutions are feasible with the given technology and human needs are satisfied. Thereby, we generate added value within all these areas and bring technological innovation into real use.​
2. Scale Beyond SAP​
Resources are not endless. With our network of carefully selected partners, we extend SAP’s reach to deliver human-centered innovation to our customers worldwide.​
3. Provide the Technical Foundation​
With SAP Business Technology Platform, we build upon a solid, scalable foundation that allows us, our partners, and our customers to deploy widely adopted solutions easing the path towards the Intelligent Enterprise.

Partner Projects

Partner Tools

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As Design Thinkers and facilitators of innovative processes, we are acutely aware of how internal and external factors influence the degree of momentum in our work.
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