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Situated in Pune, India, Extentia’s AppHaus is an inclusive experience center that brings together art and science, Yin and Yang, and left and right – to drive innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and way-out-of-the-box thinking. The workshop space that has 200sqm and can host up to 40 participants is accompanied by several break-out session rooms.

Extentia has been a member of the SAP AppHaus Network since August 2019.

What Makes Extentia Unique:

With an experience-centric approach to business transformation, Extentia provides customers and partners with the people, processes, and experience to translate their vision and experiences to product deliverables. ​Our inclusive work environment and culture inspire team members to be innovative and creative, and to provide clients with exceptional partnership experience.

Pradnya Salvekar, Vice President – Delivery at Extentia Technologies

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