Located in a historic red brick building in the Landfried complex, a former tobacco factory from the 1800s, the Heidelberg location is conveniently located near the center of historic Heidelberg as well as a short drive from SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf.

  • German Design Award
  • Design for Experience Awards

Facts and Figures

The SAP AppHaus Heidelberg is located in two buildings – The AppHaus Base and the AppHaus Extension. The Apphaus Base houses one office area of about 350 m² for the team, a kitchen that doubles as a conference room, four small meeting rooms of about 10m² each, and a large, flexible workshop area of almost 400m². Customers, partners and the AppHaus team are able to run workshops of about 10 to 80 people. At events they can host up to 120 guests.

The AppHaus Extension, which is located in the neighboring building, offers project spaces which can be booked for longer periods of time. All four rooms are equipped with flexible furniture and decorated according to design principles. Also, a smaller workshop area is part of the space.

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About the space 

The SAP AppHaus Heidelberg represents the first creative space of the SAP AppHaus brand, located in a historic red brick building of the Landfried complex, which is part of the Bergheim neighborhood of Heidelberg. Where tobacco was processed and cigars rolled in the name of P.J. Landfried in the last century, today innovations are driven forward collaboratively. The team had a hand in designing every corner of the space, making sure to maintain the industrial atmosphere of bygone days. The space is constantly evolving and divided into the AppHaus Base and the AppHaus Extension, which is located in the neighboring building.

The space has already become the venue for numerous workshops, events and exhibitions and benefits from the vibrant and historic city of Heidelberg that surrounds it. Heidelberg’s historic old town, which is one of Germany’s most favorite tourist destinations due to its beauty and cultural heritage, is located nearby. On the Neckarwiese, a meadow by the river, which is also next door, you can sunbathe or play volleyball, for example. Heidelberg is part of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, like the nearby cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, with which the city has close cultural and economic ties. The Metropolitan Region is one of Germany’s economic driving forces and is known as the largest technology cluster in Europe.

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Wanting to stay in contact with our customers we have gone virtual.

Learn more about the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg, our Human-Centered Approach to Innovation and skillset in our team for your next project in a guided 3D-animated meeting. With the virtual SAP AppHaus Heidelberg Tour you can take a peek inside and ask questions to members of the AppHaus team who are looking forward to connect with you.

How to Find Us:


The SAP AppHaus Heidelberg can offer up to 40 parking spots. However, there is a registration required for parking when you visit. Please get in contact with the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg for more information.

Public Transport

The Heidelberg Main Station is about 8 minutes walking distance from the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg. The tram stations “Hauptbahnhof HD” and “Betriebshof” are right next door.


Both SAP AppHaus locations are free of barriers and can be reached via elevators. However, one of the elevators has restricted access. So please reach out to the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg team to get access to both buildings.