Building upon a history of creative environments, the award-winning SAP AppHaus locations (MUSE Design Award 2019) are “customer facing” co-innovation spaces in which customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively work on projects by putting humans and their experiences first.

Since 2010 SAP has renovated offices worldwide to foster teamwork and collaboration. The several AppHaus spaces were initially established to co-locate internal software development teams to explore new consumer “apps”. Based on this original idea our name “AppHaus” was established. Following our values:

Interacting personally with partners, customers, and end-users
Focusing on creative problem solving and collaboration
Realising real solutions for real problems
Creating a new way to collaborate with customers
Establishing a network of creative spaces in the SAP ecosystem
Building trustworthy, long-term relationships with customers

…our locations are the next step in the evolution of the concept, adding a place for creativity to SAP’s collaboration with their customers.

With several locations across the globe, it is our goal to guide customers to leverage SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation to solve business challenges and create value. Together with locations driven by AppHaus partners, we build the foundation of the SAP AppHaus Network.


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