Re-Imagining the Benefit Enrollment Experience

Boston University

Boston University currently utilizes SAP and a legacy application for enrollments in benefits (including health, dental, life insurance, and retirement plans). The method by which employees enroll in benefits are outdated, not user friendly, and fail to support current business needs. This project should review options for utilizing custom SAP development, new technology, or other platforms for managing enrollments in benefits sponsored by the University.

– Nimet Gundogan, Executive Director, HR Benefits

One process doesn't fit all.

Life events are a big deal, but adjusting benefits shouldn't be.

Saving up a nest egg should be easy.

Working with the SAP design team gave us observation and interview techniques that allowed us to see our existing enrollment applications through the eyes of our employees and mitigate our preconceived ideas about what needed to change.

– Ursula Elsinger, SAP HCM Functional Analyst, BUworks

Rolling out the design

Ensuring a better experience

Esther Wolff, UX Designer at AppHaus Palo Alto by SAP Design, works on clickable prototypes.

Utilizing the SAP DCC and their design thinking approach allowed us to put forward an example of how we could deliver a much enhanced user experience. Combining this approach with the new SAP technologies, including HANA, SAP UI5, and Fiori, we are more confident that we can improve the SAP user experience at BU.

– Greg Weldon, Executive Director, BUworks

Great design works best when we create it together