Fostering Innovation Culture at CNCITY energy

Transforming Organizational Culture with SAP Design

Changing the way of working

Empathizing with customers helped us to build a common understanding of their experience and made us realize what problem we should solve

– In-Kyu Hwang, CEO at CNCITY energy

The collaboration with SAP AppHaus and its energetic Design Thinking specialists allowed us to change not only our thoughts of SAP solely as ‘The ERP Solutions Company’, but also provided a valuable opportunity to share and grow through a creative way of working.

– Sung Jin Cho, The secretary-general of CNCITY Maum Foundation

Partnering with SAP

For CNCITY energy, the next ten years are brighter than the changes we accomplished in the past few months.

– Yun Su Lim, Strategy & Finance at CNCITY energy

CNCITY energy

Great design works best when we create it together