Encouraging Rolls-Royce Power Systems to Create an Innovation Culture

Rolls-Royce Power Systems

“I truly realized that we are on the right track and that it was worth investing in Design Thinking, when we were approached by other companies asking us about our approach. Suddenly, we are among the early adopters when it comes to digital transformation.”-

– Daniel Eberle, Head of Digital Design & Technology, Rolls-Royce Power Systems
Better start now - the way of digital transformation is spreading out

The Fuel for Innovation - Living the Design Thinking Mindset and Methods

“Very eye opening was that this new Design Thinking and Design Led Development approach was perceived differently. Especially for people with a traditional IT background, it was challenging to understand that new processes are not fully linear. They had to select and apply methods on a case by case decision to get the best result out of a planned workshop.”-

– Tobias Gollwitzer, Customer Design Engagement Lead, SAP

“The partnership with SAP felt like a true partnership. Something that was absolutely unique for me, was the fact, that a company like SAP sets up an enablement program, meaning that it is not only interested in tieing us to them with services and sales, but to actually teach us how to “walk” on our own.”–

– Daniel Eberle, Head of Digital Design & Technology, Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Picking up the speed with the new Digital Solutions team

Core members and new coaches having fun exploring the design thinking methodology

“The results of the Design Led Development approach of our lighthouse project shows that we are on the right track as Digital Solutions department implementing the right methodological skills to ensure that the solutions we drive forward, hit the need of the real users.” –

– Felix Köhler, Head of Digital Products, Rolls-Royce Power Systems
Cool Story, but what is the SAP Design AppHaus exactly?

Great design works best when we create it together