Iren Innovates Invoice Processing with SAP Business Technology Platform

Iren SpA

Exploring and synthesizing the needs of the end-users

Usually I approach challenges in such a way that I have the solution directly in my mind. SAP's Human-Centered Approach to Innovation has taught me differently. The mindset change enabled us to analyze the problem from many different point-of-views which ensured the most beneficial solution. The involvement of all relevant stakeholders from the beginning is something we will capitalize on in the future.

– Alessandro Giussani, Senior Manager Finance Accounting, Gruppo Iren

Leveraging SAP Business Technology Platform to improve invoice processing

The project conducted with SAP Customer Innovation delivered promising and convincing results. This only constitutes the starting point of our journey with SAP Business Technology Platform. Along with the PoC, we started experimenting with SAP Analytics Cloud and are eager to leverage innovative methodologies to maximize productiveness.

– Laura Molino, Information Systems - ERP & HR Solutions Manager, Iren SpA

Bringing the purchase and supplier experience to a new level

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