Paul Hartmann and SAP Join Innovation Forces

Paul Hartmann AG

Internal dashboard “Medical Supplies Demand Analysis”

It is incredible what you can achieve if the right people and the right mindset come together to solve a problem - under time pressure. It is amazing to see, how SAP Business Technology Platform can help solving society-relevant challenges by combining operational and historical customer data with external sources of information.

– Marcus Dorfmeyer, Project Lead from SAP AppHaus within SAP Customer Innovation

We started this project together with SAP from scratch, with a mere vision of supporting the fight against the Corona Virus. It is amazing to see the effort and engagement the project team has invested and how much we have reached in this limited time frame. The digital transformation is pushing the usage of new technologies – and especially in challenging times like the ones we are currently facing – we can see, how our machine learning algorithm can help us in the future ‘go further for health’.

– Alexandra Fibitz, project lead at Paul Hartmann AG

Great design works best when we create it together