Evaluate Your Use Case

Learn how your use case ideas can be implemented with SAP

You have different use case ideas you want to implement, but you don’t want to always start from scratch. This short exercise helps you compare your use case ideas with existing use cases implemented with SAP technologies.


Learn how your use case ideas can be implemented


Department leads from business and IT, project sponsors, strategic decision makers, architects


30 - 45 minutes



Before You Start

Use Case Definition
The Use Case Evaluation exercise is particularly helpful after creating a Use Case Definition of your use case ideas with the following method:

Define Your Use Case

Use the result of the Use Case Definition method as direct input for the Use-Case Evaluation method. (see Steps below).

Materials you will need

Templates for Download


Evaluating your use cases includes several steps. We recommend completing them in one session.

Write the use case definition in the template

You have formulated your use-case idea(s) with the method Define Your Use Case. Write the definition in the template including the business value for the use case idea.

If there is no clear match for a use case idea, write “new” under “Matching Use Case Idea”. Skip the “Matching Meter” and “Aspects to Improve”.
Place your use case ideas in a roadmap. Select the ideas with a high business value and low effort to get started.

Look for similar use-cases

Browse similar existing use cases in the SAP Discovery Center and the SAP Business Technology Platform website. Write the names of the existing use cases found in sticky notes (one use case name per sticky note). Place the sticky notes with the use case names below the corresponding use case definition, select the most fitting use case for each of the use case idea definitions and write it in the template.

Follow the existing material in the Discovery Center to implement existing use case ideas. To implement new use case ideas, you can continue following the methods in the SAP Innovation Toolkit to gather more specific requirements and design the solution.
Additionally, you can request a mission for your new use case ideas in the SAP Discovery Center.

Complete the following information in the template

Matching Meter: How close is the existing use case to your use case idea on a scale from 1 – 5? Does it solve the same or a similar problem? Is it for the same audience and / or business unit?
Aspects to improve / add: Make a list of unclear aspects or not covered in the existing use case that are relevant for your use case idea.
Effort: On a scale from 1 – 5, indicate how much effort would it take to implement your use case idea considering existing material?
Follow-up: What steps do you need to take in the short term to implement your use case idea?

See Completed Example

You're done!

If you prefer to work together with SAP to bring your new use case ideas to life, contact the SAP AppHaus.