Remember the Future

Define a vision of success for your initiative

The goal is to define a vision of success for your initiative and milestones that will help you achieve that vision.

The Remember the Future method can help you to

  • navigate political landscapes by creating an aligned vision of the future within the team
  • visualize a future business scenario, where a challenge has been successfully solved by the team
  • drive the ideation of needed steps and activities to get to the vision


Define a vision of success and milestones for your initiative


Designers, Business Leads, Customer


ca. 1 hour



Before You Start

Involve your Key Stakeholders
Identify who you need to collaborate and coordinate with as you explore and define use cases and the architecture of your targeted solution, using Stakeholder Map and Stakeholder Matrix methods:

Method: Involve your Key Stakeholders

Materials you will need

Templates for Download

Templates for Virtual Collaboration

(Registration to MURAL is required)


The Remember the Future method includes several steps. We recommend completing them in one session.
  • 15 minutes

Brainstorm the positive outcomes for your future scenario

Lay out a future scenario with a silent brainstorm prompt:
“It is five years later from now and _____________.”
Write down all the positive outcomes you can imagine. Capture the relevant points on individual sticky notes.
Afterwards share the notes within the group.

Cluster your notes. Depending on what your initiative is about, you can cluster the notes by topic or by any relationship you see fit. Give each cluster a header. You can change the clusters and headers at any time during the process of clustering. However, not all notes have to be in clusters, it’s ok to still have singular notes after clustering.

You can do the activity with a shorter time frame (at the end of the year) as well as with a longer one (in 5 years)

  • 10 minutes

Develop the vision

Vote on the clusters from the previous step. Formulate an inspiring vision statement stating the team’s vision, represented by the cluster with the most votes.

Try to formulate the vision statement as your future achievement and the impact of that achievement. A good vision is not that easy to achieve – that’s why it is placed completely in the future. The vision statement should give the direction your initiative is going to follow.

  • 10 minutes

Brainstorm possible achievements

Conduct a silent brainstorming (or “brainwriting”) with a focus on actions and decisions that will take you to the desired future: “What have you done to achieve this?”

  • 20 minutes

Define the achievements on the way to your vision

Share your possible achievements with the group and cluster them. After clustering, vote for the 4 most relevant clusters that will help the team achieve the vision. Bring the top 4 clusters in a chronological sequence and add a year of achievement (or month, if the vision is for the nearer future) for each of them.

See Completed Example

  • 10 minutes

Define your next steps

In your team, discuss and define the next steps you will take in order to accomplish your achievements and your vision.

You’re done!

Whatever your initiative is that you defined this vision for, you can always refer to the result of the Remember the Future exercise when discussing your achievements, or discussing the vision itself.

Follow the next methods in the Recommended Path to continue setting up your innovation project.