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Design Your Own Chatbot

Use Dot Dot Bot to

Speech Bubbles

Transform your business with conversational UI

The best time to use Dot Dot Bot is at the early stages of exploring a chatbot solution. But you can introduce or return to Dot Dot Bot at any time that you feel your team needs alignment or a new perspective.


Create a New Channel to Connect with Customers

Creating a chatbot poses new opportunities and challenges for any organization. Dot Dot Bot helps guide you through these critical considerations to create a better user experience.


Unlock Your Team’s Creative Potential

By using creative and playful activities, your team will find a new way of collaborating and ideating that will bring them together as stakeholders and teammates.

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How to Use Dot Dot Bot

Three Zones

Canvas On Wall

Zone 1: Scope

Define the objectives and functions of your chatbot by answering business focused questions that expose valuable insights.

Persona Template

Zone 2: User

Gain a clear vision of who your target user is and how he/she will use the bot by collaboratively drawing portraits of your users.

All Hands On Deck

Zone 3: Prototype

Bring your bot to life with conversation flows. Work collaboratively to explore the variety of ways a conversation can take shape.

Great design works best when we create it together