Define Architecture Principles

Set guidelines to develop the architecture

Architecture Principles define the constraints your architecture must deal with. Their purpose is to serve as guidelines you need to consider when developing the architecture.
Within the the Discover Phase, defining Architecture Principles normally happens at the start of the business domain of Enterprise Architecture, after performing Design Thinking activities.


Set Up Guidance for the Architecture




30 - 60 minutes



Before You Start

Align with your Corporate Guidelines
To create Architecture Principles, it is necessary to have the “Statement of Architecture Work” (from the Explore Phase) and the corporate guidelines of your company.

Statement of Architecture Work

Materials you will need

Templates for Download

  • 10 - 20 minutes

Identify constraints

Identify the constraints you need to take into consideration while developing the architecture.

As you do not want to simply copy and paste all principles that have been defined before, identify the principles that are relevant for your architectural work. For this evaluation, you take the filled in Statement of Architecture Work and its defined scope into consideration.

  • 7 - 15 minutes

Understand the business benefits

Understand the business benefits when following the architecture principles.

  • 7 - 15 minutes

Outline the impact

Outline the impact of following the principles in your architecture development.

See Completed Example

  • 6 - 10 minutes

Mark pain points and moments of truth

Highlight the pain points and moments of truth for later reference.

You're done!

Use the Architecture Principles as input for the Risk Analysis.