Stax App Enables Zookeepers to Spend More Time with Guests and Animal Welfare

Digital Transformation: Simplified Mobile HR, Finance and Procurement Functions for Zoo Workforce

Business Challenge

Human-Centered Approach To Innovation

Taronga Conservation Society Australia have leveraged Design Thinking and cloud technology to simplify the employee experience and provide access to core notifications and content as well as finance, procurement and HR functions from its diverse set of cloud and on-premise applications.

– Selim Ahmed, CEO, Bourne Digital.

Taronga Zoo - Enhancing the Employee User Experience with Digital Technologies

Taronga has a new partnership with its sponsor SAP to uplift core business systems to continuously updated cloud systems for finance, procurement, payroll and human resources. The project will provide current and continuously updated cloud systems for Taronga’s new phase of commercial growth, as well as expanded education and conservation programs.

– Cameron Kerr, CEO, Taronga Conservation Society Australia


The two areas that have worked well for my team are the online purchasing module that enables quicker and seamless ordering of important equipment and services and allows the teams to be more agile. The other key area is the chief warden scheduling. For the guest experience and switch team it is of huge value to know who the chief warden on their phones is. It enables communications to be directed quickly and efficiently to the right person and it means when codes are called the ability to identify the chief warden is very fast. This has replaced the inefficient process opening of drives on a desktop computer finding spreadsheets of rosters etc. This ability builds confidence in the front-line teams.

– Paul Maguire, Director Guest Experience and Community Conservation
Stax App
Application Realization Diagram

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