OP 4.1 – The Operating Room of the Future

Ultimately, we wanted to research how OP 4.1 could provide relevant information at the right point in time, and in an easily consumable manner to better support the OR teams.

– Michaela Epp, SAP project manager

SAP Business Technology Platform

The following summary sheds light on the SAP technologies used and how they demonstrate the value of SAP Business Technology Platform.

Business Centricity

  • Use of SAP Consent Repository service and other business services to add certain business process knowledge to platform features
  • Realized device usage scenario based on SAP Internet of Things to get from pure usage data (on/off) to business value (e.g. pay-per-use charging and billing)

Unified Platform

  • Design Concept for Dashboard built based on SAP Fiori 3 to support surgery process documentation e.g. with timestamp tracking
  • OP 4.1 API hub based on SAP API Management to provide platform features, data and functionality to partners and customers

Open Architecture

  • Enabled Docker container deployment on SAP Business Technology Platform for partners to easily bring and run apps on the platform
  • Hybrid SAP Cloud solutions connected to an on-premise partner gateway via SAP Edge Services

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