SunRice Grower and Admin Portal with SAP BTP


How to improve the connection between growers and administration?

User-centric design process to involve all stakeholders

A new intuitive and innovative portal with SAP Business Technology Platform

Our new Grower Portal gives our community of rice growers more control of their decision making. The harvest dashboard provides data visualization for harvest moisture, trash, and dry weight, while real-time updates allow them to track their progress.

– Rob Walsh, Program Manager Digital Services, Grower Services and Agronomy, SunRice

Increased convenience and simplified work for growers

SunRice UI5 Admin Portal as the perfect counterpart

The success of the Grower Portal can be attributed to a true partnership between Bourne Digital and SunRice. The project team was really in-sync, embracing agile ways of working to design, test and deliver a brilliant solution within a five-month period.

– Jerome Bowman, GM - Northern, Bourne Digital

What’s next on the road?

Great design works best when we create it together