Kakao Work Expands into the B2B Domain with SAP BTP

Kakao Enterprise

Kakao Work was able to take one step closer to innovate users’ work experience as a ‘comprehensive work platform’ through collaborating with the SAP AppHaus. We were able to empathize with the real-world pain points of corporate customers with the help of the human-centered approach of the Sunrise Program and developed solutions to address it through Kakao Work.

– Ju-Young Chung | Executive Director, Kakao Enterprise

Building with SAP Business Technology Platform

Technical Realization of Kakao Work

For a closer look, project insights shared by the SAP AppHaus team in Seoul

Exploring 68 scenarios to identify the top 3 use cases

Combined Approach
SAP's Human-Centered Approach to Innovation

Designing the top 3 use cases and validating the design with key business value features

Example of UI flow design

The SAP AppHaus Innovation Toolkit for virtual collaboration

Virtual collaboration between Kakao Enterprise and SAP AppHaus
Kakao Work in the SAP Store

Great design works best when we create it together