Intelligent Internal Recruitment Powered by SAP Business Technology Platform


Defining the scope with all relevant stakeholders

Insights into the Design Thinking workshops via Mural and onsite

Prototyping and iteration based on the needs of end users

The enabler of the use case: SAP Business Technology Platform

Technical realization of the solution

In a global collaboration with Doosan we developed a use case along SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation. We decided to implement an enhanced job candidate screening through specific job requisitions. I really enjoyed working together with the SAP AppHaus and Doosan Digital Innovation.

– Kay Schmitteckert, Developer, SAP Strategic Customer Engagements

An intelligent and cutting-edge hiring platform

It was a great opportunity to experience the whole process from UX to Design Thinking, development, and collaboration. It was a delightful experience as a Fiori developer due to the strong backup of UX designers that made such development possible. We will develop the last components on this basis and create value when set in production.

– Minchoul Jung, Project Manager and Fiori developer l Doosan Digital Innovation

Great design works best when we create it together