SAP Welcomes its First, Partner-Run, AppHaus in Japan

SAP Japan announced the country’s first member of the SAP® AppHaus Network, as Zynas opens the Zynas AppHaus in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

The SAP AppHaus Networkis a community of interdisciplinary teams run by SAP or like-minded SAP partners, with the vision of bringing human-centric innovation to customers by providing co-innovation that leverage the innovation potential of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

The SAP AppHaus Network is a community of creative teams run by SAP or like-minded SAP partners that leverages SAP products and technology to humanize business software and ensures innovation fulfills the need of the end users, by offering unique experiences through its human-centric approach. The SAP AppHaus Network aims to provide customers globally with the opportunity to leverage SAP’s wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology. The inauguration of the first Japanese AppHaus is a big milestone on this journey.

“We congratulate Zynas AppHaus Oita on joining the SAP AppHaus Network, further extending our offering in the Asian region. Zynas’ knowledge in SAP technlogy, including SAP Business Technology Platform, as well as their innovative way of working and their understanding of the importance of user-centered design, will support customers on their transformations,” said Thomas Biedermann, Regional Lead of SAP AppHaus Partner Network Asia at SAP.

Zynas AppHaus Oita will hold workshops with companies, and implement the ideas generated through these workshops on SAP BTP to create innovative solutions that meet end users’ requirements.

For example, Zynas will accelerate innovation by leveraging their partnership agreement with Oita Prefecture for the development of digital human resources and the EDiSON disaster prevention and mitigation platform that they are promoting with Oita University and others. In addition, SAP Japan will hold technical and discovery events at Zynas AppHaus Oita to enable customers to experience innovations based on the needs of the end users.

SAP Japan is pleased to be working with Zynas AppHaus Oita,” said Hiromi Hara, Managing Director of SAP Labs Japan and Managing Executive Officer of SAP Japan. “Through Zynas AppHaus Oita, SAP Japan looks forward to creating new value and developing innovative solutions to tackle challenges that the country is facing, such as the decrease in working-age population and surge in natural disasters brought about by climate change; and exporting the innovations to the rest of the world. 

We are pleased to announce the opening of Zynas AppHaus Oita, based on our management philosophy of human resources development and system development since our establishment,” said Toshiaki Eto, Representative Director of Zynas Corporation.We hope that everyone in Japan will use this AppHaus as a base for solving social and corporate issues. 

Translation of the original press release in Japanese in SAP News Center.