SAP celebrates the first AppHaus opening in Latin America

  • The new AppHaus will be driven by SAP partner Exed Consulting, located in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • The SAP AppHaus Network promotes the co-creation of innovative customer projects putting human experience first.
  • SAP expects to incorporate more locations in Latin America throughout 2023.


SAO PAULO, Brazil – May 31, 2023 – SAP announced the opening of its first AppHaus in Latin America. Exed AppHaus Sao Paulo will be managed by Exed Consulting, an SAP partner in Brazil, and is the first of its kind in the region.

SAP AppHaus Network is a set of customer-oriented spaces dedicated to co-innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) which puts human experience first.

The first SAP AppHaus was founded in 2013. Today, the SAP AppHaus Network consists of 23 locations around the world, including this recent opening. Exed AppHaus Sao Paulo thereby constitutes the 20th partner-driven location.

To date, the network has already had a powerful impact by executing more than 1,000 projects, producing more than 250 success stories, hosting about 3,700 workshops, receiving 90,000 visitors, and winning more than 50 design and innovation awards.

The Exed Consulting team with delegates from SAP

All members of the network are united by its belief in SAP’s human-centered innovation approach which begins with a design thinking process that seeks to empathize with the end user to discover their true needs and then move forward, through an iteration process, until reaching the desired solution while taking into account the customers IT landscape.

The SAP AppHaus offers customers different types of engagement, regardless of their level of maturity, from discovering innovation opportunities, including actions such as rethinking business processes and user interfaces, to delivering scalable end-to-end solutions.

“We are excited to help Brazilian companies innovate and be better prepared to face today’s business challenges in an environment that is changing faster and faster,” said Renan Guedes, CEO and founding partner of Exed Consulting.

“The SAP AppHaus Network concept is supported by a community of SAP partners united in the belief that a human-centric approach drives innovation and produces greater impact. The model enables the creation of experientially desirable, technologically feasible and financially viable solutions”, said Matheus Souza, Head of Innovation at SAP Latin America and the Caribbean.

“This announcement is just the tip of the iceberg of what we want to achieve in the region. In the future, we plan to team up with more partners and open more locations throughout Latin America,” adds Andreas Hauser, SVP of SAP AppHaus Network.

The new Exed AppHaus Sao Paulo is located at R. James Joule, 65 – Cidade Monções, São Paulo – SP, 04576-080.


This press release has been originally published in Spanish and Portuguese in the SAP News Center and was translated to English.