Define a Solution Vision

Set and align expectations about your future solution

The goal is to set and align expectations about a solution that a team envisions by visually exploring the added value for business and customers.
The Vision Board method aims to help an innovation team set and align on their expectations about the solution or service they envision. It is done at the very beginning of the project, and its result can be used as a visual reminder of what needs to be achieved.


Define what your future solution should and should not be


Designers, Business Leads, other key stakeholders


2 hours



Before You Start

Use the Explore phase to select the best innovation opportunities
To make sure that you have identified and selected the best innovation opportunities according to your company’s strategic goals and objectives, we recommend you use the  the Explore phase methods suggested here:

Recommended Path: Explore

Materials you will need

Templates for Download

Templates for Virtual Collaboration

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Designing the vision board for your project includes several steps. We recommend completing them in one session.
Before the workshop, the facilitator can change the questions in the colored tiles according to the topic at hand.
  • 3 Minutes

Read the 6 Questions

The exercise starts with reading the 6 questions.

Before the workshop, the facilitator can change the questions according to the topic at hand.

  • 20 Minutes

Brainstorm answers to the questions

After reading the questions, the exercise continues with 20 minutes of silent brainstorming: Find one empty space for each of the 6 areas. Mark the areas with your name, so that you can easily find your notes again.

Then answer the questions by posting sticky notes, images or icons into the spaces with your name.

  • 60 Minutes

Present answers to the rest of the team

Each participant presents his/ her answers to the rest of participants.

  • 20 Minutes

Cluster the answers

As a team, cluster the answers.

You can either conduct the clustering one question at a time or sub-teams can cluster the answers in parallel.

Prioritize the clustered ideas

The team defines priorities by voting on the clustered answers. Conduct a separate vote for each of the 6 areas.

In case you want to save some time, you can also conduct one voting session for all the six areas. In this case, advise participants to equally distribute their votes to the six areas.

You're done!

You can refer to the vision board again and again throughout your project to remind yourself what your project vision is about.