User Experience (UX) Value Calculator

Why invest in user experience?

Good design can dramatically improve productivity and reduce operational costs by enabling users – whether employees or consumers – to work more efficiently. Through over 1000 projects with our customers, the SAPAppHaus team has consistently revealed the value of User Experience (UX) Design. Our customers often confuse UX as only being about beautifully designed interfaces – but good design goes way beyond this.

The methods used in UX design and design thinking foster innovation and enhance the efficiency of our customer’s employees. Using our approach, we are able to empathize with the user, as well as understand context, establish a clear focus, and determine the scope of the challenge at hand. We craft new and improved solutions using iterative and user-centric methods, incorporating diverse requirements from all stakeholders.

In this way, we are able to ensure that solutions are desirable, technically feasible, and meet business requirements. In order to prove and measure success, we establish KPIs that allow the customer to objectively measure the results once a project has been completed.

Benefits of UX Design

Gain Productivity

Focusing on the real needs of users reduces the complexity of processes and screens, letting users execute tasks faster.

Reduce Training Costs and Increase Adoption

Less complexity and better adjustment to the real-world process result in reduced training and support costs.

Decrease User Errors

Higher quality data helps customers minimize the effort needed to correct and helps prevent potential issues, such as roadblocks in the follow up processes.

Lower Change Requests

By involving end users and relevant stakeholders throughout the creation process, there are fewer change requests and solutions cover the core needs of the users.

Measure your potential savings

You can use our UX Value Calculator if you would like to gauge potential savings and gather arguments that can be used to convince peers and managers to invest in a better user experience.

UX Value Calculator

Great design works best when we create it together