Map Architecture Stakeholders

Understand the key stakeholders of your architectural work and manage support for your architecture

The purpose of stakeholder management is to ensure support for your architecture and improve its quality by addressing the concerns of
your stakeholders.
You use stakeholder-specific architecture views being created with the toolkit to adequately communicate your architecture.


Understand the key stakeholders of your architectural work


Designers, Business Leads, Architects, other project stakeholders


30 - 60 minutes



Before You Start

Request for Architecture Work (Use Case)
You have a request for architecture work on a specific use case.
We recommend you have created a Value Heatmap for the use case with the following method:
Evaluate a Project Idea

Materials you will need

Templates for Download

Templates for Virtual Collaboration

(Registration to MURAL is required)


Understanding your key stakeholders includes several steps. We recommend completing them in one session.
  • 15 - 30 minutes

Identify stakeholders

Based on the use case (request for architecture work), identify users, business units, parts of your organization or a board area that are affected by the architecture or can influence your architectural work.

Think internal & external.

List all interested stakeholders

List all stakeholders that are interested in the success
of your architecture. Understand each stakeholder’s interest and concerns.

Use attributes like “key player”, “keep satisfied”, “keep informed” and “minimal effort” to categorize stakeholder engagement.

Your communication and interaction with a key player is proactive and very regular. You want to make sure that this stakeholder is always informed, included in important decisions and regularly updated. Your interaction with a stakeholder with minimal effort is more of a reactive style.

Derive the type of engagement

Derive the type of engagement you would like to have with the stakeholders. Do you need regular meetings every week to discuss the status of your architecture? Or is a monthly update via email enough?

See Completed Example

You're done!

You can also decide which work products of the Lean EA toolkit are of interest for a specific stakeholder and thus respectively share. Associating work products with stakeholders can also be done at a later stage in your architecture development process.