Build innovation teams in your organization

One global workforce trend for driving innovation in the 21st century is cross-functional teamwork. While most organizations are aware that this requires a diverse spectrum of people, tasks and skills, they don’t know how to translate it into action. Our collaborative method Spectrum builds innovation teams in organizations and unlocks their full potential based on the company’s needs.

For all those companies who plan to kick-off their innovation journey and for those who want to run a pulse check about their innovation endeavors, Spectrum can be the starting point, their new day-zero.

The Spectrum Workshop Format

Spectrum is usually run as a one-day workshop, but time scope can vary depending on the team’s needs. The method consists of four main phases (Why, What, Who Does What, and How), guiding the team through their innovation journey.

To shape a group into a team, it is focused on fundamental team characteristics like vision, mission, team set-up, and team culture. Each step includes several collaborative exercises and discussions that lead the participants towards becoming an innovation team.

Phase 1, why, defines a shared team identity and gives orientation about aspired actions and objectives through a vision and mission exercise.

Phase 2, what, aims to position the team more precisely according to the three innovation areas – Human (Desirability), Technology (Feasibility), and Business (Viability).

Phase 3, who does what, shifts the perspective from team to individual level, highlighting personalities and skills of each team member.

Phase 4, how, addresses the future team culture and collaboration. The team agrees on three key values based on a choice of inspiring picture cards.

The Outcome

The outcome is a large poster – called “Canvas” – which not only highlights the results of the workshop but also guides the team on their ongoing journey towards becoming an innovation team. The Canvas stays with the team as a ‘living’ document and should be iterated over time.

The Canvas acts as a reminder of the decisions made and helps to track changes the team has achieved over time, such as new hires and upskilled profiles. It also supports to understand how to re-structure the team in case of team members leaving or other organizational changes.

Try out Spectrum

If you are interested in Spectrum or if you would like to run a workshop, you are recommended to take the following steps.

  1. Download the entire material needed to prepare and run a Spectrum workshop below
  2. Watch the “Spectrum Introduction – Deep Dive” video
  3. Read the document “How to Run a Successful Spectrum Workshop – The Spectrum Moderator Manual” below

It is recommended to plan a Spectrum workshop well in advance, at least several weeks, to ensure sufficient preparations.

Watch the Spectrum Deep Dive Video

Instructions for Download

If you are planning to run a Spectrum workshop and have not done it before, you will need to download the entire package of the Spectrum material. To learn about what items are in the package, you can have a look at the descriptions in the section for the separate downloads below.

The details on how to use all the material can be found in the Spectrum Moderator Manual (see also below).

The full Spectrum package as zip file. File size: 34 MB.

Documents included in the Download Package

Spectrum Moderator Manual

How to Run a Successful Spectrum Workshop – The Spectrum Moderator Manual

Detailed instructions for moderators on how to prepare and run a successful Spectrum workshop. Read this document well before the workshop so you can prepare it best
The Spectrum Moderator Manual
Spectrum Moderator Script

The Spectrum Moderator Script

Use this script as a guide in a Spectrum workshop. This is very useful for beginners and perhaps not needed anymore if you are an experienced Spectrum moderator.
The Spectrum Moderator Script
Spectrum Introduction

The Spectrum Introduction Slides

You can use these slides as introductory slides for the workshop, or as inspiration to create your own introduction.
The Spectrum Introduction Slides

The Spectrum Materials List

You can find all the materials you need for a Spectrum workshop on this list, this includes the Spectrum specific materials, but also the additional standard design thinking materials.
Spectrum Materials List

The Spectrum Canvas

The canvas is the centerpiece of the Spectrum method and is constantly used throughout the whole workshop. It stays with the team as a living document, to be updated and iterated.
Spectrum Canvas

Spectrum Magazine Covers

These magazine cover templates imitate well-known business, society, design, and technology magazines and are handed out for the vision exercise.
Spectrum Magazine Covers

Spectrum Mission Mapping Template

This diagram supports the mission mapping exercise and illustrates the three innovation areas and their intersections.
Spectrum Mission Mapping Template

The Spectrum Value Cards

The Spectrum Value Cards are used for the Value exercise which is split in half, so it is used at the beginning and at the end of the workshop.
Spectrum Value Cards

The Spectrum Personal Cards

The Spectrum Personal Cards represent the team members. Each card contains the personal and professional traits of the individual team member and comes in the colors of the innovation areas and cross sections.
Spectrum Personal Cards

The Spectrum Avatar Stickers

The Spectrum Avatar Stickers are to be used on the Personal Cards. Ten different avatars are available, both female and male.
Spectrum Avatar Stickers

The Spectrum Outsource or Hire Avatar Stickers

This is a special version of the Avatar Stickers. If it is decided a role should be outsourced or newly hired, a New Hire card should be filled out and a New Hire or Outsource sticker affixed to it.
Spectrum Outsource or Hire Avatar Stickers

The Spectrum Personal Cards for Upskilling

If a team member wishes to upskill, they can utilize the Upskilling Drawer on their Personal Card by folding it over to the front of the card and redefining their roles.
Spectrum Personal Cards for Upskilling