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Give Space to Creativity

As organizations become more collaborative and creative, their workspaces must be designed differently. MOSAIC is a method that enables teams to prototype a future creative space based on their way of working. It builds upon the idea that team behavior influences the physical space and vice versa.

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Design Your Own Creative Space

Just like a multidisciplinary team consists of diverse skillsets, a creative workspace supports diverse activities and behaviors. It accommodates different areas, creating a flexible work environment. MOSAIC gives a team the possibility to connect the activities performed in their workspace to the areas that best support them.

The result is not only a map of the future creative space, but also a shared understanding of the team’s ideal way of working.

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Define Your Future Way of Working

A common understanding of a team’s vision and purpose is key to good collaboration. MOSAIC encourages teams to better understand the diverse viewpoints by triggering conversations. Especially when forming a new team, such discussions are helpful to build trust and find out how to best work together.

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Lay the Foundations of Your Future Creative Space

MOSAIC makes team needs and basic space requirements transparent. The resulting spatial map is an ideal starting point for space design discussions with facility managers, architects, interior designers or other involved stakeholders.

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Maximize the Creative Potential of Your Space

You can use MOSAIC to redesign your existing workspace, making sure that it is in line with your way of working. Understand what adjustments you can make to the space layout, develop new ideas you haven’t yet thought of, and explore the creative potential your workspace can have.

How to Use MOSAIC

MOSAIC contains different activity cards, which are grouped in six categories:

It's a Three-Step Process

Define the Team Activities

The type of activities a team performs at work and the way they are prioritized reflect the team’s culture. From the set of cards, select the activities you want to carry out in your creative workspace. Learn what is important for each team member through prioritization and discussion.

Pick Rooms and Form Clusters

The selected activities are mapped to the physical areas where they should be performed. By turning the MOSAIC cards around, you can choose from different room types per activity. After clustering the chosen rooms, you will be able to visualize how versatile the physical areas are.

Build a Map of Your Space

Define the location of the different areas in relation to each other, and the way they should connect to form a cohesive space. With the help of several guiding questions, build the first layout of your future creative space.

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Try out MOSAIC

Can’t wait to see how creative your work environment can be? Get the DIY version of Mosaic and find out with your colleagues.

Are you interested in setting up a creative work environment in your organization? Get in contact with us.

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