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Make Your Meetings Work

Fed up with unproductive meetings? Overwhelmed by the number of meetings and losing focus by constantly multitasking?
This Meeting Workout is a practical and playful instrument to help you exploit how to reduce your meeting time and get the most value out of your meetings. You will achieve this by reflecting, discussing, and really changing the way you hold your meetings – with support of the Meeting Workout.

Watch this video, if you are interested in the physical version of the method suitable for in-person workouts.
Watch this video, if you are interested in the virtual version of the method suitable for online workouts.

Why do we call it “Meeting Workout”? Establishing new meeting patterns is like training your muscles: We help you through the first steps as you actively learn and build your muscles, improving meeting fitness for you and your team.

How to Work Out with Your Team

The Meeting Workout is focused on teams or groups and supports them to analyze, declutter, and restructure their meetings. You have two options: Either you concentrate on one specific meeting, or you have a look at your whole meeting landscape. The workout is meant for 2-5 team members with the mandate to re-shape your meeting(s). It is set for 90 minutes. Plan some additional preparation time, especially if you use the physical version.


Collect all recurring meetings in which your team participated in during the last quarter. Map the value of your collected meetings to the quadrants: High or low structure and high or low value.


Get an understanding of the positive and negative aspects of a selected meeting or determine positive and negative patterns with a set of meetings.


Define the structural changes required to improve a selected meeting or identify improvement potential impacting a multitude of meetings. Define the exact measures for improvement.


What, when, who and how? Decide on next steps to implement your newly defined measures.

Choose Your Path


Workout across your meeting landscape:
You will work with a set of meetings and determine up to three measures applicable to this set.


Core workout for your single meeting:
You will work with one specific meeting and develop a detailed plan to improve this meeting.

Interested in Working Out?

Workout is available as a virtual version for an online workshop and as a paper-based DIY version for a physical workshop.

(Registration to MURAL is required)

Documents included in the download package

How to run the Workout – the Meeting Workout Instructions

A detailed instructions for a workout coach how to prepare and run a successful Meeting Workout. Read this document well before preparing the material and running the workshop so you can prepare it the best.

Content Cards

The content cards are relevant for all for all phases and workouts. They are the center piece of the method and will provide you with advice, tips, and content to create your new meeting(s).

Blank Meeting Cards

The blank meeting cards give you the chance to describe your own meetings in addition to the few we prepared for you. The meeting cards are relevant for all workouts and you can use this file for reprinting if you want to play again.

Blank Attribute Cards

The blank attribute cards are relevant for the Coretraining workout in the first game and you can use this file for reprinting if you want to play again.

Workout Boards

The Workout boards help you to cluster and structure your content cards and are relevant for both workouts.


To securely store your cards until you workout again. Print, cut and glue the card box and the wrapping for the different workouts.
license logo Meeting Workout is a method and a toolkit created by SAP AppHaus and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://apphaus.sap.com/resource/meeting-workout.