Design Thinking Leporello

Design Thinking Becomes Foldable

Many have asked us, what does it mean to work in a user-centered way? How does it feel to start with a challenge that you do not know the solution to in the beginning? To answer these questions we created a simple, yet colorful playing field that enables the facilitators to walk customers through an idealized design process – the Design Thinking Leporello.

Design Thinking as a way of co-innovating products and services is by now highly recognized in the business world. Many people talk about it, many companies apply it. Some critics even think the hype is already decreasing again. Nevertheless, at the Design and Co-Innovation Center of SAP we simply apply the methods of designers, their thinking, and a specific design-focused way of
solving problems on a daily basis. We work with the user in mind providing a great user experience, rather than adding more and more features and functions. We strive to create new products that really make a difference for those who use them and we work hard to bring beauty to a part of the world where it’s is not yet recognized as a core value – to business!

For the Design Thinking Leporello we took inspiration from many sources. As a result, the Leporello is meant as a foldable contribution to the many methods and tools that are out there already.

Download the Leporello

After using and iterating on it for a while, we are happy to release it into the wild. You can now download all the necessary files here – and fold it for yourself!

Download the Leporello

We would love to hear your stories.

What did you use the Leporello for? What challenges did you work on? What didn’t work so well?