Lean Architecture Toolkit Express

Describe your minimum viable architecture

The Lean Enterprise Architecture Toolkit is comprised of different methods from the business domain and the technical domain that help to describe the target architecture of a solution.

Methods from the business domain are used to communicate with stakeholders from business departments as well as business executives and business management. Methods from the technical domain are predominantly used to communicate with stakeholders from IT.

This guided path shows you in what order to complete a minimum set of work products to describe your “Minimum Viable Architecture”.

Align With Your Corporate Strategy (Business Domain)

Align With Corporate Strategy
Articulate how your project supports the company’s strategic goals by breaking them down into measurable objectives, projects, and initiatives.
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Solution Context Diagram (Business Domain)

Solution Context Diagram

Showing the relationship between the proposed solution and the organizational units, business roles, ​and business functions within the enterprise.
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Solution Concept Diagram (Technical Domain)

Solution Concept Diagram
A high-level representation of the aspired solution via Architecture Building Blocks.

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Solution Realization Diagram (Technical Domain)

Solution Realization Diagram
A technical description of the aspired solution via Solution Building Blocks.

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Architecture Roadmap (Technical Domain)

Architecture Roadmap


Outline actions that are required to realize the architecture.

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Congratulations, you are done!

You have now described the minimum viable architecture for your solution.