Create an Idea Napkin

Make your brainstorming ideas easier to prioritize

The ideas generated during an ideation or brainstorming session might not always be clear or complete.
The Idea Napkin is a document that helps a team to detail out a solution idea selected during a brainstorming session, including the idea name, a sketch of the idea, the target group, the innovative aspect about the idea, and the value of the idea for the business and for the target users.


Detail out a solution idea


Designers, Architects, End-Users


15 minutes



Before You Start

Generate Ideas with Ideation
Ideation makes it possible to explore different potential solutions from many different points of view and combine alternatives until a sound idea emerges:

Generate Ideas with Ideation

Materials you will need

Templates for Download

Templates for Virtual Collaboration

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Creating an Idea Napkin includes several steps. We recommend completing them in one session.
  • 3 minutes

Give your ideas names and short descriptions

Have the post-it notes with your selected ideas close to you for reference. Start by giving your ideas a name and a short description.

  • 3 minutes

Create a rough sketch of your idea

Create a rough sketch that represents what your idea is about. You can either sketch out the solution or
draw a comic scene showing how your solution idea is experienced or used.

  • 3 minutes

Indicate who will benefit from your idea and how

Indicate who will benefit from your idea and list all possible user groups. Then describe the value your idea brings to the defined target group(s). Use different colors for each user group.

  • 3 minutes

What makes your idea unique?

Write all aspects that make your idea unique or innovative compared to other similar existing solutions.

  • 3 minutes

Rate your idea

On a scale from 1 to 10, rate your idea from different perspectives: business value, sustainability, innovation potential, and user value. Sum up all the ratings to obtain an overall score. You can use this score to prioritize your idea against others.

See the Completed Example

You're done!

You can use the Idea Napkin as input for the Vision Storyboard method.