Reimagine the Next Way of Working with a Hybrid Team

Flex Team Workshop

A new era in the way we work has begun, one that is more flexible, more innovative, and more inclusive. To attract, retain, and delight top talent, we need to reimagine our next way of working, enabling people to thrive in the future of work.

The Flex Team Workshop is part of SAP’s Next Way of Working initiative and was co-created by the SAP AppHaus and SAP’s global Future of Work organization to support SAP’s Pledge to Flex commitment. This Design Thinking inspired workshop helps teams successfully navigate a hybrid work model with the right mix of onsite and remote working opportunities.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to hybrid work. The Flex Team Workshop allows for managers and their teams to jointly determine a setup that best suits the team in terms of productivity, collaboration, work-life balance, and of course, aligns with business and customer requirements.

The workshop has been introduced to SAP offices globally and is used by teams around the world. SAP is very proud to offer this valuable workshop and its assets to all SAP customers as free resource within SAP’s Innovation Toolkit.

We wish this workshop will help you and your team explore hybrid work in a structured approach and be successful in creating your own Next WoW!



Jointly define what hybrid working means to the team.


90-minute virtual workshop using a digital whiteboard tool like MURAL, the exact workshop length may vary according to team sizes.


The team manager, members, and a workshop facilitator (can be one of the team members).

A Structured Approach to Hybrid Working

every team member’s needs and current pain points
activities and social interactions that are important for the team to do together
consensus in a tangible hybrid work plan – days in the offices and remote. Then test and iterate.



Main Phases of the Flex Team Workshop

Retrospect what to Keep or Change

Reflect on how your team worked during the pandemic, and share what went well and what needs to be changed.

Define the Relevant Team Activities

Sort the activities that your team needs to perform regularly, and define the number of people involved, as well as the level of collaboration.

Reimagine the Next Way of Working

Prioritize activities into onsite/hybrid/remote, and build a consensus on a hybrid setup that your team can experiment with and refine.

Material you need

More about the Next Way of Working

Check out the research insights and design concepts of the SAP AppHaus, the basis of the workshop, in the Next Way of Working (Next WoW) whitepaper.