Capture Feedback

Use a structured approach to derive learnings and insights from users, stakeholders, and experts.

We use Feedback Grids throughout the entire Design phase of the SAP Human-Centered Approach to Innovation to capture feedback from users, stakeholders, or experts in a structured way. Feedback grids can be used during or directly after discussions or workshops when such feedback is given.


Capture feedback in a structured way


Designers, Architects, Project Stakeholders, End-Users


15-30 minutes



Materials you will need

Templates for Download

Templates for Virtual Collaboration

(Registration to MURAL is required)


Capturing feedback in a structured way includes several steps. We recommend completing them in one session.
  • 5-10 minutes

Capture feedback

Ask your audience their impressions about your idea. Collect the feedback you have received as individual post-it notes.

  • Let the prototype speak, but define what you want to learn in advance.
  • Do not defend your idea.
  • Be open minded.
  • Do not fall in love with your prototype.
  • Do not make the prototype too finished and perfect.
  • Be thankful.
  • 5-10 minutes

Discuss the feedback

As a team, discuss the reactions you received. Take notes on sticky notes. Sort and cluster the feedback according to the feedback grid:

  • What was received positively?
  • What concerns came up?
  • What new ideas did you find?
  • What questions came up?
  • See completed example

  • 5-10 minutes

Prioritize the feedback

What is the most important feedback in order to make your concept or solution a success? Sort your notes and create an overview of which feedback you want to respond to.

  • Depending on effort

Iterate your prototype

Improve your concept or prototype by incorporating the prioritized feedback.

You're done!

Capturing the feedback in a structured way always helps to improve a concept or prototype.