Explore: Recommended Path

Complete the Explore phase step by step

Finding challenges worth solving and achieving alignment about them among interested parties are important outcomes of the Explore phase. The exercises presented here are our suggestion to get the most out of this phase. We suggest completing them in the order proposed below.

At the end of this guided path, you will have a very good idea of:

  • What business challenges to consider for an innovation project
  • How your innovation project supports your corporate strategy
  • Who to involve in your innovation project
  • What is in scope for the architecture work
  • The high level vision and action plan for your innovation project

Align With Your Corporate Strategy

Align With Corporate Strategy
Articulate how your project supports the company’s strategic goals by breaking them down into measurable objectives, and initiatives.
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Identify Business Challenges

Identify business challenges
Use a questionnaire to discover pressing challenges in your area.
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Involve your Key Stakeholders

Understand who influences the decision to start an innovation project.
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Explore use case ideas

Use Case Exploration Workshop
Identify use case ideas with business impact in a collaborative session with the project team and the project sponsors.
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Congratulations, you have finished the Explore phase!

Continue your innovation journey with the methods from the Discover Phase