Discover: Recommended Path

Complete the discover phase step by step

Once challenges are identified, it is necessary to look at them closer to find focus areas and identify concrete requirements. This is done through scoping, research and synthesis. The exercises presented here are our suggestion to get the most out of this phase. We suggest completing them in the order proposed below.

At the end of this guided path, you will be able to

  • Understand the business problem from an end-user perspective
  • Discover insights that can help you generate ideas for design
  • Understand your technical landscape and map to the business case
  • Lay the groundwork for developing the technical aspects of the solution.

Context Map

Get a better understanding of the project scope by brainstorming and clustering different perspectives.
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Define an Action Plan

Game Plan
Get a deeper understanding of project vision, success factors, challenges, and resources.
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Solution Context Diagram

Solution Context Diagram

Showing the relationship between the proposed solution and the organizational units, business roles, ​and business functions within the enterprise.
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Field Research Guide

A workbook and interview script to assist with onsite observation & interviews with end-users for the project.
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Synthesis Grid

Unpack thoughts and experiences into visual information. Synthesize data into insights that will be useful for creating solutions.
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Create an archetype of your users from end user interviews to guide future design decisions.
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User Experience Journey Map

Help a team understand current challenges and motivations for the user over time to derive insights about the use case.
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Problem Statement


Create a “How Might We” question to help reframe the problem into a statement of opportunity to generate ideas.
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Congratulations, you have finished the Discover phase!

Continue your innovation journey with the methods from the Design Phase