Describe the Baseline Solution Architecture

Based on existing applications and IT components relevant for the use case

The Baseline Solution Architecture describes applications, software components and functional components currently in use and relevant for the use case/request of architecture work.
The reason to create the Baseline Solution Architecture is to identify building blocks that can be reused for designing the architecture or identify components which need to be integrated via interfaces like APIs, events or data replication, for example. It also shows the scope of change initiatives resulting from the aspired solution to the current IT landscape.


Describe existing applications and IT components relevant for the use case


Enterprise Architect(s)


30 - 60 minutes



Before You Start

Create a Use Case Blueprint Diagram
Make sure you have already mapped user actions to architectural requirements such as applications, data and specific technical features, using the following method:

Use Case Blueprint Diagram

Materials you will need

Templates for Download

  • 10 - 20 minutes

List all the current applications and IT components

List all the current applications and IT components (Building Blocks) that are relevant for the use case (scenario).

Considering the Statement of Architecture Work, it is worth emphasizing that not the complete corporate IT landscape needs to be represented in the diagram. Instead, focus on the areas of interest, the areas that are in scope of your architecture engagement/ request of architecture work.

The Use-Case Blueprint Diagram can be used to identify existing IT systems relevant for the architecture. Consult IT and business stakeholders knowing the context of your use-case (the request of architecture work) to understand which existing IT components should be considered.

  • 10 - 20 minutes

Understand the dependencies

Understand the dependencies between the identified IT components (functional dependency in terms of request-response and/ or information flow).

  • 10 - 20 minutes

Add users and roles

Add users and roles currently interacting with the IT components. It is likely, that some users and roles are identical to the ones identified for the Solution Context Diagram and are also part of the Stakeholder Matrix.

See the Completed Example

You're done!

The Baseline Solution Architecture is important, because it shows what IT components, or Building Blocks, are already in place and you can use it now when creating the Solution Concept and Solution Realization Diagram in the next steps.