The Foundation for a Cleaner Future with SAP BTP

Galloo NV


Galloo faced some challenges on the level of growing technical debt of the ERP in place, limited support for detailed material flows and costing models as well as with the automation of administrative processes.


Galloo wants to follow a strong core setup, evolving together with new SAP releases, to support their business processes. Since Galloo has very specific business processes in place a fully standard system is not possible, so SAP BTP plays a very important role to create extensions in a side-by-side fashion. Both standard content as well as custom applications are accessible to the end user via one single point of entry, the SAP BTP Portal using the central launchpad architecture. CPI also plays a big role to integrate all third-party systems for production & planning etc.


With a new architectural SAP landscape in place, Galloo has enrolled its future-proof business platform as a foundation for a cleaner environment: The new solution includes a guaranteed support for a technology evolution. The new platform is ready for new business extensions and the company now has a much better agility for changing business requirements and environmental trends.


Transports planned in the new SAP application landscape


Digital reception of supplier invoices


Increase of Managed Spend General Goods

Galloo finally arrived at a full end-to-end view of our business flow, from initial purchase and transport planning over recycling processes to the sales of our metals, a reflection of our circular industry. The SAP S/4HANA & SAP BTP approach allows Galloo to focus on future features rather than on underlying technology.

 Customer – Galloo

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Galloo NV

Belgium, Menen
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Galloo is one of the most important recycling companies for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in Western Europe and was founded in 1939 in Menen, Belgium. With its branches in Belgium, France and Zeelandic Flanders, the group is strongly anchored in this region. Galloo processes discarded consumer goods and factory scrap. Everything is recycled in an ecological way. Thanks to an ingenious process, they convert waste materials into secondary raw materials, which naturally benefits the environment.