Streamlining and Digitalization of Last Mile Delivery Process



  • Non-availability of formal picking list documents & in-visibility of outbound delivery palletization
  • Lack of control for some warehouse activities, such as validation before PGI
  • Delay to update the system with actual delivery
  • Manual confirmation depending on physical paper submission (analog POD) is timeconsuming and inefficient
  • Absence of shipment tracking
  • Absence of driver’s availability and location
  • Unsatisfactory customer experience


  • Handling unit standard functionality in SAP with FIORI App. for stores picker
  • Cherrywork PoD is an app. extension that uses SAP BTP services for the logistics team to plan and execute the shipment
  • Mobile application is extended using SAP BTP services for drivers


  • Eliminate paper-based process
  • Provide real-time tracking of delivery to business
  • Optimize delivery agent productivity
  • Significant reduction in OPEX costs
  • Contactless delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Enhanced SLA delivery time


Enhanced manpower efficiency & reduction in OPEX cost


Real-time visibility into operations with increase in data accuracy

alfanar Proof of Delivery (PoD) is an outstanding App developed using SAP BTP that helped the business handle operations of logistics execution on a heavy-duty scale starting from planning and executing their daily work of shipment to monitoring and extracting reports.

Humam Orabi, Project Manager, alfanar PoD

Managing the full cycle of goods movements footprint from the creation until delivery has enabled our logistics team with the ability to improve our utilization level and traceability of all our dispatched shipments. On behalf of my team, I would like to thank all contributors to achieving this project.

Ali Nassar, Manager, Supply Chain, alfanar
Mohamed Shawish, Warehouse Manager, alfanar

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originally published on SAP Innovation Awards 2023 entry page.


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afanar is primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical construction products, EPC solutions for conventional and renewable power plants, allied engineering services and design engineering. They have built up an international presence throughout much of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
alfanar is committed to meeting the ever-growing demand for power infrastructure across the world. Through their construction arm, they provide turnkey EPC solutions for conventional and renewable energy power plants and water treatment facilities.
The company is passionate about minimizing the environmental impact of the energy industry and they recognize that the future of the industry depends on embracing alternative energy sources. alfanar energy specializes in developing and investing in renewable energy projects, including CSP, PV, wind energy, biomass, geothermal, and waste-to-energy.