Solving Supply Chain Hurdles with Generative AI on SAP BTP



At AMD, our supply chain specialists perform critical reviews and root cause analyses when sales orders change from original customer facing ship dates. We work to unravel the complexities behind each change, from dates to quantities, initiating a laborious process of up to 14 manual verifications.
This process, pivotal for seamless operations and transparent communication with planning and customer teams, is currently a tapestry of time-intensive tasks. We’re committed to transforming this challenge into an opportunity for high performance, efficiency and clarity in our supply chain management.


We enhanced sales order management with the GenAI Supply Chain Troubleshooter tool, integrated with SAP S/4HANA and built on the SAP Business Technology Platform. This novel approach provides deep analysis of sales order commitments, offering enhanced clarity on confirmations and product allocations, supply shortages, and other critical issues.
It empowers AMD with actionable insights, propelling our supply chain towards higher efficiency and responsiveness. The implementation of an AI-powered chat interface simplifies complex supply chain interactions into conversational engagements, offering a groundbreaking level of user-friendliness.


Our adoption of a digital Generative AI supply chain experience will help to improve operations. Our intelligent assistant enables specialists, planners, and customer-facing teams to pinpoint and resolve order issues efficiently through conversational language. This seamless interface will streamline decision-making, elevate customer service, and accelerate corrective actions, hopefully propelling AMD to the forefront of supply chain innovation.
The tool is not only identifying issues but also providing actionable recommendations, setting a new benchmark for problem-solving tools in enterprise resource planning.


Reduction in time and cost spent on root cause analysis projected


Analyzed each year with GenAI Supply Chain Troubleshooter


of headcount productivity to be saved each year

The GenAI Supply Chain Troubleshooter will be a key enabler for AMD to manage the sales order commit process by increasing the overall effectiveness and
automation of the process. It will allow us to react faster to supply chain disruptions.

Rajeev Jain, Sr. Director, Supply Chain Planning

The Supply Chain Troubleshooter transforms a critical AMD process within our Supply Chain Operations team by automating checks, increasing effectiveness and order commitment efficiency. The solution will allow us to navigate supply chain disruptions and keep our customer satisfaction high.

Preetish Pandit, Director, Supply Chain & Reporting Systems

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