SAP BTP Digital Innovation to Enable Self-Managed Aged Care



The demand for in-home and community-delivered care is increasing with Australia’s growing ageing population. The expectations of home care participants and their families continue to shift, and the sector faces many challenges in supporting these evolving needs. The traditional aged care provider model offers limited flexibility, choice and control to home care participants. It also has higher administration costs, reducing the amount of funding left for support and services. Home care participants want transparency about the services and availability of funding and visibility over how that funding is utilized.


HomeMade have built and deployed a self-service portal solution for Home Care Package participants. The user-friendly, transparent and flexible portal supports HomeMade’s customers, service providers and HomeMade team.
HomeMade leveraged SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and services for the cloud Portal solution to support and scale HomeMade’s rapid growth. SAP BTP services including CPI for integration, workflow and document information extraction were critical for automation of key processes.


HomeMade, with partner Bourne Digital, part of Accenture, designed and developed a self-service portal on SAP BTP. The intuitive, self-service portal allows customers to manage their budget and choose their in-home services online.
The automation and self-service nature, resulted in tremendous time and cost savings.
The increased visibility and variety of service offerings, in the self-service portal empowered the aged care community to get the right care they needed conveniently in their homes.


saved from customer onboarding to receiving a personalized support plan


Reduction in reimbursement time


HomeMade customer save annually on average in management fees

Webinar by HomeMade & Bourne Digital about the solution

HomeMade’s vision is to transform home care in Australia and we are continuously building our capabilities – being teams, processes or technology. With that in mind, we decided to go with SAP BTP because we wanted a secure customer-led solution to provide an excellent customer and team experience, whilst supporting our ambitious growth objectives. We now have a platform that we are excited to innovate and iterate from.

Laura Westhorpe, General Manager, HomeMade


Service providers are empowered to submit invoices, shift notes and report incidents.
Customers have full transparency into their budget enabling them to self manage their aged care package.

Bourne Digital partnered with HomeMade to apply Design Thinking to build a scalable, secure and highly intuitive portal solution. SAP BTP was a fantastic platform that was setup to accommodate 1 portal for multiple personas including: aged care recipients, HomeMade customer service and the service providers.

Selim Ahmed, CEO & Founder, Bourne Digital, part of Accenture

Contributing Partner

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Bourne Digital, part of Accenture


The AppHaus of Bourne Digital, part of Accenture, is located in Melbourne's historic T&G building, once dubbed the city's most beautiful. The Client Experience Center within Accenture's Melbourne base provides a dynamic and collaborative environment - its mix of history and cutting-edge technology creates the ideal space for innovation.
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Sydney, Australia

HomeMade enables their customers to self-manage their government Home Care Packages so they have increased flexibility and control over the aged care services they need for a fulfilling life. This ability to self-manage their service enables them to choose their service providers (i.e. cleaning, cooking services) and reduces the administrative overhead associated with managing their Home Care Package. This results in the customer having more control while having access to more funding for the services and support they need.