Empowering Sales to Provide the Best Customer Experience on SAP BTP

Frucor Suntory


Frucor Suntory sales personnel were using a 20-year old, on premise custom sales automation system for their sales process with information scattered across multiple tabs and locations.
The sales team had to juggle between four different tools-sales which were often slow, siloed tools with poor offline capability.
Customer and user experiences were impacted, sales meetings with customers were inefficient as reps bounced between multiple applications in a sales call.  There were no standardized user processes and visit approaches resulted in variable outcomes. Sales reports reflected the fractured nature of CRM data.


Frucor Suntory have recently been through a full business transformation; including an upgrade form SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA , both cloud hosted. Wanting to get the best out of SAP investment, Frucor Suntory sought to innovate with SAP S/4HANA. As a result, MySH (My Sales Hub) was developed to assist the sales team, sales growth, and the Frucor Suntory customer experience. MySH leveraged SAP BTP to provide the seamless platform to consolidate data from Frucor Suntory’s on premise and cloud back-end systems.


The new iOS-based field sales tool is ‘My Sales Hub’ (MySH). MySH reflects the innovation journey involving – requirements gathering, design thinking, the build, and deploy effort- specifically geared to the empower territory sales team. The sales team can now provide the best customer experience to a range of customers and locations across New Zealand and Australia. Sales visibility and revenue has improved, customer recommendations are intuitive, processes are standardized, e-learning modules foster growth, and sales reporting is holistic.


MySH system brings together four former sales tools into one mobile app


increase in productivity through guided sales process


Increase in sales revenue as a result of suggested items recommendation engine

The role SAP BTP played was the glue to bring all of our systems together with a great user experience. The ability to present real time smarts from SAP to our sales team in a seamless and meaningful way while in the market.

Barbara Ciancio, Head of Digital IT Solutions, Frucor Suntory

Bourne Digital partnered with Frucor Suntory to apply Design Thinking to re-imagine the field sales journey. SAP BTP then provided the foundational capabilities including security, mobile platform and integration to bring the new sales journey to life. It was an honour to partner with an innovative customer like Frucor Suntory that was seeking to leverage their investment in SAP and Apple Enterprise to improve their employee and customer experiences.

Selim Ahmed, CEO & Founder, Bourne Digital, part of Accenture

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originally published on SAP Innovation Awards 2023 entry page.


For more information, read the article on SAP News Center: “Frucor Suntory Increases Sales Revenue and Boosts Productivity with SAP Business Technology Platform”


Frucor Suntory

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Frucor Suntory is a leading Australasian drinks company and the market leader in energy drinks in Australia and New Zealand (Oceania).
Since its beginnings in the early 1960s as part of the New Zealand Apple & Pear Board, Frucor Suntory has evolved from a small local juice business to a significant international beverages company. The company produces more than 30 million cases of drinks a year at its New Zealand-based manufacturing plant.