Empowering an Innovative Culture

Problem finding before problem solving

“For us to start thinking about approaching problems in a different way, starting with empathy and eventually to prototyping... Really, if we could start applying that consistently we could do some pretty amazing things.”

“Having a facilitator there to be that independent, objective person to both guide the group and point out certain behaviors, or things that we’re not aware of- that’s valuable, because, however we act through these exercises is also probably how we tackle problems outside the environment.”

Putting Innovation Readiness to the Test

Fostering Innovation Culture

“It has fundamentally changed the attitude of our organization towards design and innovation. The advantage of the workshop was, it identified our challenges in a clear, concrete manner. And, more importantly, it identified solutions we can use to address these challenges in a very clear manner. The workshop was really powerful as a catalyst to get us to jump forward quickly.”

Great design works best when we create it together