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The AppHaus is located in the historic Golden Belt Campus in Durham, USA, a renovated warehouse complex with lots of open space, neighboring art galleries, and microbreweries. Just a short walk from downtown, the 3700 square meter, award-winning office loft is meticulously designed to inspire collaboration and innovation.

WillowTree LogoWillowTree has been a member of the SAP AppHaus Network since October 2020.

What Makes WillowTree Unique:

WillowTree’s co-creative approach removes the guesswork from innovation by focusing on authentic user needs. Through rapid build-measure-learn cycles, the WillowTree Design Thinking team leads clients and their customers through rounds of generative and evaluative design research. Because our team of mobile and web engineers sit in the driver seat with our creative team, “realism” does not confine design, but takes root in every concept.

Nate Wootten, Director of Product Innovation at WillowTree

Virtual Tour of WillowTree's Innovation Offering